West Lake TVET College


The heart of False Bay College’s engineering arm, Westlake Campus is situated in close proximity to the Ou Kaapse Weg, and offers industry specific courses. The spacious campus features numerous sports facilities and well-kept grounds, coupled with modern training facilities.

Secure facilities, student safety are enhanced by means of access control, with several members of staff on duty at night to provide additional peace of mind.

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One teacher, Joina Chiomadzi has said she wants to take part.

What’s happened so far ….

We visited Joina at the college on 20th November 2014. Joina took us to her classroom where we discussed her involvement in the project. Although she had mentioned the project to some of her colleagues none of them joined us. Besides discussing her involvement in the project, Joina also gave us some background about the set up at the TVET colleges.

Joina taught an ordinary lesson on 19th February, on the topic of the rationalizing surds in denominators. Her class is level 2 which is equivalent in age to Grade 10. She had 19 learners present. We took observation notes and produced a report on the lesson. Joina was given the report and invited to comment, but it seems she was happy with the report.

First research lesson

She taught the research lesson on exponents on 18th March to the same class. We have produced a report on the lesson and shared it with her.

Second research lesson

Joina’s class had been working on graphs and functions and we suggested a card matching activity, which we designed for her class, in which students match: functions, graphs, tables of values and descriptions. She made some modifications to the design and then we prepared the cards and she taught the lesson on 27th May.

Third research lesson

Joina told us that she wanted a lesson on trigonometry. We designed a card-matching activity and showed it to her. Together we agreed on some modifications and then we prepared the materials and Joina taught the lesson on 26th August.

Finishing off

We asked Joina if she would like us to come to college and show the students a video montage taken from the three research lessons. She said she thought they would like this so we did so and showed the video in November.