Multiple representations

In this activity students match various representations of functions and non-functions: the equation, the graph, a table of x- and y-values and the ‘rule’ in words. The algebraic relations include a straight line graph with a positive gradient, a vertical line, a horizontal line, a ‘happy’ parabola, an ‘unhappy’ parabola, two exponential functions (one with a shift), two hyperbolas and a square root (inverse quadratic).

Figure 1 shows one set of matched cards.

one set of cards

Figure 1: One set of matched cards

Teachers are given big versions of the small cards, as well as a set of cards to use to model the activity. Figure 2 shows one teacher modelling the activity.

end of intro.png

Figure 2: Modelling the activity

The learners were given recording sheets to note down the correct matches. Part of a blank one of these is shown in Figure 3.

Record sheet.png

Figure 3: Learner recording sheet