Design of a toolkit

At the heart of this project is the design of a ‘toolkit’ of a) classroom activities for formative assessment and b) professional development to support implementation of the activities in a).

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 17.09.25
The FaSMED prototype – in development

The toolkit will be an online toolkit, written in English.

What do we know about how to design a ‘toolkit’ for teachers to use?

What should we consider?

  • How important is the visual presentation? What works well for teachers?
  • How long should it be?
  • What other toolkits (or similar) do we know about. Here is one, for example.
  • What do we know about ‘self-study’ materials for teachers? For example, see here for online professional development modules for teachers and here for text-based approaches to providing guidance and help for teachers when teaching ‘difficult’ lessons.