Further design decisions

The section above relates to academic or scientific design decisions for classroom activities and professional development. It is perhaps obvious that such decisions need to be carefully considered when we are designing the FaSMEd tools and toolkit. However, we suggest that there are other design decisions that are also important and should be carefully considered. One key area might be the overall design of the toolkit (e.g. navigation and coherence) which would fall into Burkhardt’s (2009) tactical design. A second might be the ‘look and feel’ of the toolkit which would include the visual design and the kind of language used. A crucial decision, however, is the publishing medium as this determines much of what is possible.

We are not yet in a position to refer in an informed way to the literature about these sorts of design decisions. However, we share some of our thinking and initial investigations. We begin by discussing the medium and go on to the overall design and then the look and feel of toolkits.