Hyde Park College

Hyde Park is a low-cost school for learners within the Mitchell’s Plain community. It was established in 2012. In addition to low cost schooling which includes stationery and text books, learners are part of both extra mural and co curricular activities.

Shahida taught an ordinary lesson on 6th March on the topic of exponents to her Grade 9 class. We took observation notes and produced a report on the lesson. Shahida was given the report and invited to comment, but it seems she was happy with the report.

She taught the research lesson on exponents to the same class on 12th March. It was a 90 minute lesson. We have produced a report on the lesson and shared it with her.

On 7th August she taught a lesson on quadrilaterals, in which learners are given strips of small cards which describe a particular quadrilateral. They are asked to draw the quadrilateral. More about the lesson can be found here. We produced a report about the lesson, as before.

At the third cluster meeting, we demonstrated a revision lesson and Shahida asked if she could do this with her class. We prepared the lesson and she taught it on 4th November. We are still preparing a report on the lesson.

To wrap up the research intervention, we compiled a video montage taken from the first two lessons and took it in to school to show to the learners on 18th November. We gave each of the learners a small packet of Niknaks.

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